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One-time Donation

By contributing, you are supporting veterans in their transition to civilian life, as well as contributing to the well-being of veterans living at Ste. Anne’s Hospital.

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Recurring Donation

By contributing on an ongoing, you are helping decrease our administrative costs.

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In Memoriam Donation

Donate in honour of the memory of a departed individual. Upon reception of your donation, the Foundation will advise the grieving family of your gesture, without mentioning the amount of your gift.

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Pledge a Donation

Plan a donation to the Quebec Veterans Foundation today, which will be actualized at your convenience.

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Planned Giving

Leave your mark by donating a part or your inheritance as a charitable gift in your will, by donating a life insurance policy, securities, property, and other personal possessions of value, while benefiting from significant fiscal advantages for you and your estate.

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Organize an Event

Organize an activity to help raise awareness and funds for veterans! We will share all events on social media!

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Donate at Work

A payroll donation plan is a simple and easy way to make a difference!

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Donate a Car

When you donate your RV, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicles to the Foundation through Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location.

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Donation of Securities

In addition to making a tangible contribution to furthering the Foundation’s mission, you will receive a tax receipt for the value of the security at the closing price of the day, and you will not pay tax on the capital gain.


**All donations can also be made via telephone at 514 457-8484 or 1 (877) 711-8484 (toll free).

Privacy Policy

The Quebec Veterans Foundation is committed to the privacy of all its donors. 

The Quebec Veterans Foundation is committed to protecting the personal information of all its donors by complying, among other things, with Canadian and Quebec privacy rules and laws. 

The personal information collected will be used exclusively by the Quebec Veterans Foundation, to inform you of the activities and programs we fund, our events, and during fundraising campaigns. You can choose to remove yourself from any of these communications or decide at any time to stop receiving our correspondence and be removed from our mailing list. Simply let us know by email: or mail: 305 Anciens-Combattants Blvd., Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue (Quebec) H9X 1Y9.

Donors’ personal information will not be sold, shared, or exchanged with other organizations unless the Quebec Veterans Foundation has received written and official permission from the donor.  

Donation policy

The Quebec Veterans Foundation is a charity organization funded 100% from private and public donations. 

The Quebec Veterans Foundation respects and is subject to current federal and provincial tax laws.

The Quebec Veterans Foundation has the highest standards for its administrative management and accounting practices.  An external accounting firm is hired to review its monthly accounting and an external auditor to write and publish the annual financial statements. 

The Quebec Veterans Foundation accepts various types of donations The Executive Directorate and Board of Directors of the Quebec Veterans Foundation reserve the right to refuse a donation if it does not meet the established governance rules.

The Quebec Veterans Foundation issues tax receipts for a donation of more than twenty-five dollars ($25). The official income tax donation receipt is dated to the calendar year of the donation reception and not the year of deposit or accounting registration. If a donation is collected on or after January 1st, but the postmark indicates a date prior to the end of the previous calendar year, the official receipt is then dated December 31st  -of that year. The official income tax donation receipt is issued only on behalf of the donor, whether it is a natural person or a corporation.  

Funding policy

In addition to funding wellness services for veterans living in long-term care at Ste. Anne’s Hospital, the Quebec Veterans Foundation funds organizations that provide direct services and activities to veterans residing in Quebec, who are experiencing challenges during their transition to civilian life.  

Funding applications are regularly evaluated by the Quebec Veterans Foundation team. Recommendations are then communicated to the Foundation’s Board of directors.

Additional inquiries and meetings may be requested to complete a file.

Funding will be authorized if the applicant’s object is viewed positively by all directors and if the file submitted is complete

Funding will be delivered with a commitment from the applicant to write a performance report They can be payable in one or more installments and is not automatically renewable.

For more information, please consult the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada website: PIPEDA fair information principles and PIPEDA in brief

Directives for issuance of tax-deductible receipts


A charitable donation tax receipt will be issued by the Quebec Veterans Foundation (QVF) for regular donations of money. The minimum amount for a receipt is $25.00.


Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) disallows donations of services for charitable donation tax receipts. Contributions of services (including Gift Certificates) are not property and do not qualify as gifts. The business can bill the QVF for the service and receive payment (if approved within the budget of the Event), at which time the business can donate back the amount received for the service. The business (donor) must account for the services as business income.

The individual can bill the charity for the service and receive payment, at which time the individual can donate back the amount received for the service. The individual must report the service as taxable income. Gift certificates for services cannot be receipted. The amount must be included in the budget for prize acquisition.


If a business sponsors a fundraising event, program, service, or activity under the Canada Revenue Agency rules, the QVF cannot issue an official charitable donation tax receipt, because the sponsor receives a significant promotional benefit. The QVF will provide a letter of acknowledgment as a receipt for the sponsorship.

Gifts In-Kind

Where the QVF agrees, a charitable donation tax receipt can be issued for items donated by individuals, which are accompanied by a receipt of purchase from the original supplier, or appraisal. If the item was purchased within three years, the receipt will be the lesser of the cost or fair market value. A charitable donation tax receipt will not be issued for auction items in which the value of the item is not clearly ascertainable. This includes dinners at a private resident or certain personal items such as sports paraphernalia.

The QVF is responsible for reporting the fair market value of the gift in-kind on the official charitable donation tax receipt. CRA indicates that the fair market value is the “highest price in dollars that the property would bring in an open and unrestricted market” between a willing buyer and seller who are both informed, prudent, and acting at arm’s length. To determine the fair market value of a gift in-kind, an independent appraisal is required for items over $1,000.00. For individuals who create artwork as a hobby, only the value of the inventory used to make the art piece is eligible for a charitable donation tax receipt. Time cannot be factored in the value.


A charitable donation tax receipt will be issued by the QVF for the closing value of the publicly traded security on the day the QVF receives the security, net of any brokerage charges incurred.

Receipts for fundraising events

1. Tickets

In accordance with the CRA, the QVF must calculate the portion of the purchase price that is eligible for an official charitable donation tax receipt by determining the fair market value of admission to the fundraising event.

Where there is a fundraising dinner, the value of a comparable meal provided by a comparable facility determines the amount of the advantage.

2. Auction

The QVF cannot issue a charitable donation tax receipt to people who purchase items at an auction unless the payment exceeds 125% of the fair market value of the item and the value is clearly ascertainable and made known to bidders in advance.

For more information:

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